What is a dado?

1 May 23
A Dado is term used in woodworking. A dado is a 3 sided, squared cut out or “slot” milled into wood using a dado blade or a series of stacked dado ...

What is a dado blade?

1 May 23
A Dado blade is a saw blade used in woodworking and is typically designed to be used on a table saw. A dado blade can come as a stackable set or ...

Haller house. Woodworking in the shop.

9 Sep 20
This is the second post to our shop work for the first round of windows from the Haller house in coupeville, wa. A previous repair was doing more harm then good. ...

1859/1866 Haller house. Whidbey Island, WA. 161 year old windows.

4 May 20
Hi and welcome to an ongoing series of blog posts on our current job restoring windows of the historic Haller house, located right in the middle of the small town of ...

Servicing a 96 y/o wood window

1 Feb 20

What is a rabbet?

26 Mar 19
What is a Rabbet?, also known as a Rebate is a wood working term for a two sided square groove that has been milled into the edge of a work piece. ...

What is a window Sash?

6 Nov 18
What is a window sash? A window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass. The window sash can be fixed in place or operable. A sash can ...

How to make historic wood window repairs the proper way. (NO EPOXY!)

28 Oct 18
How to make wood window repairs. Historic wood windows are special compared to your average modern window in that they can be repaired.       A sash contains four main pieces ...
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Building windows in Mobile work truck.

28 Aug 18
Building windows in mobile work Truck. In this video I’m on a job-site building Historic wood windows in Seattle, WA building in-swinging casement windows out of my mobile work truck.

Why you should be thinking about Storm windows.

28 Aug 18
      Danita Dunlap is a Partner at Prime Sash,LLC located in Bellingham, Wa.     Why you should be thinking about Storm windows.   It’s nearly Fall, and you ...