Haller house. Woodworking in the shop.

9 Sep 20
This is the second post to our shop work for the first round of windows from the Haller house in coupeville, wa. A previous repair was doing more harm then good. ...

1859/1866 Haller house. Whidbey Island, WA. 161 year old windows.

4 May 20
Hi and welcome to an ongoing series of blog posts on our current job restoring windows of the historic Haller house, located right in the middle of the small town of ...

Servicing a 96 y/o wood window

1 Feb 20

What is a rabbet?

26 Mar 19
A Rabbet, also known as a Rebate is a wood working term for a two sided square groove that has been milled into the edge of a work piece. A rabbet ...
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New shop workflow!

31 Dec 17

Craigslist Window Restoration. Part 1



Craigslist window restoration in Bellingham, Wa

This is a window and frame. I use the steamer to pull the glass and then dry heat source to remove the remaining paint.



How your Double-hung wood window should operate.

3 Windows. The Finished Product

Paulk work bench Build.