The Process


-Build a lead tent around windows and plastic exterior.

-Suit up into full PPE and pull windows.

-Scrape paint from window jamb.

-Cut weight pocket if missing.

-Break down tent. (typically 3-5 hours after set-up).

-Lead clean up.

-Prime jambs.

-Board up or hang storm windows.


In the shop

-Steam sash in a steam box to remove glass.

-Wait approximately 24 hours for sash to dry.

-Strip all paint from interior and exterior of sash.

-Perform necessary wood repair (we do not make structural repairs with epoxy).

-Sand flats with orbital sander. Hand sand profiles.

-Rout sash to accept zinc weather stripping and meeting rail j-hooks.

-Prime interior and exterior with appropriate oil primers. Condition glass rabbet.

-Sand interior primer down and hand sand profile.

-Clean glass and glaze glass.

-Attach J-hook weather stripping.

-1 to 2 day wait for glazing to skin over before painting.

-Painting stage. Typically 2 coats interior and exterior.


On-site installation 

-Mill new parting bead.

-Install new rope.

-Test fit and trim sash to accept weather stripping.

-Install sash into opening.

-Paint interior and exterior of jamb.

-Sash touch up paint.

-Oil pulleys and wax weather stripping.