This is the second post to our shop work for the first round of windows from the Haller house in coupeville, wa.

Customer router bits for wood repairs on this job. Cope and Stick
A new meeting rail
New muntins. tenoned and coped
Tenon end and cope. Muntin side
I cut my meeting rails by hand. Must faster (for me) and more accurate to layout to old joinery.
Removing the waste with a coping saw.
The completed joinery.
two completed meeting rails.

Completed meeting rails awaiting a “rebate” which is effectively a weather stripping.
A rabbeting hand plane makes quick work of this process.
I did have some trouble getting this to be a perfect mating surface on all points.
A wedge secures the muntin in place.
Wood dowel/pin driven out to remove sash piece.
New dowels cut and installed. Soon to be hand planed flush.

A previous repair was doing more harm then good. However the repair probably did last a good deal of time. AS you can see the wood was holding moisture due to the repair.

This is where all my hand tool work is done!