Transom windows

What are transom windows?

Transom windows are windows, either fixed or operable,  that are placed above a window or door with a beam, bar or structure crosspiece separating the two. Transom windows allow more light in and can also allow for greater air circulation flexibility.


Transom windows design and hardware.

Transom windows are similar to casement windows. They are a simple sash with a stile and rail construction and can be affixed with hinges placed on the bottom rail to allow the sash to pivot inwards. A special hardware can be used to allow for operation without having to stand on a stool or ladder. These are a long thin brass bar attached to the casing and to the edge of the sash. You can view the video below to see how this hardware operates.

Transom windows restored in Bellingham Washington

Transom window rebuild

full rebuilt transom windows