What is window restoration?

Wood window restoration is the act of taking an inoperable and/or neglected window and making it like new again and updating it to make it better then it was before. Almost all windows we come across are rendered inoperable because of to much paint in the incorrect places. After 100 years it’s time for a complete overhaul and paint removal.

Why Restore?

We do wood window restoration because they are the best. Nothing has proven it can last as long (100+ years), look as good and retain as much value for your home as your original windows. The moment you replace your single pane windows with a “replacement window” you begin the re-occurring cycle of having to replace the replacement window within a 5-25 year period. Yes the vinyl frame can last 50+ years when hiding from the sun but we prefer not to look through severely fogged glazing and assume you do too.
Additionally so many historic windows have been removed that they are becoming rare and are a luxury. We highly recommend you don’t let a replacement window company MINE your home of it’s Value.

Why do my windows need to be restored?

On average homes need to be painted every 10 years. If the prep was done poorly or maintenance was deferred then painting may need to be done every 3-5 years. At some point there are just so many layers of paint on the track where the windows operate they can no longer move and the paint needs to be removed.

On the other end of the spectrum we have the windows that were not maintained properly or often enough and moisture was allowed to penetrate the wood frequently for long periods of time which eventually leads to rot. At this point some or all of the window needs to be rebuilt. Don’t let things get this far! If you are arriving to this problem then the upfront investment can be more but it will be worth it and your house can continue to enjoy generations of service.

Wood window restoration Prime Sash has performed.

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