Weather stripping

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The Zinc weather-stripping is manufactured by Dorbin Metal Strip in Illinois. It is high quality and rated to last 80-100 years. It is the best weather stripping available in terms of longevity, resisting air infiltration and enhancing the window functionality.

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Paint is your friend AND your Enemy….

Paint that is within it’s service life helps protect the wood from excessive moisture. Too many layers of paint built up from years of hard work get’s in between the windows moving parts and encroaches on the sashes movement.

The glass is removed first using steam to reduce glass breaking and then dry heat is used to removed the excess paint.

Sashes are oiled primed and sanded before Interior and exterior paints are applied. Colors can be matched inside and out to match existing colors in the home

Wood Sashes are designed with mortise and tenon joinery with a pin to allow for repairs. The pin can be removed and the wood slid apart to perform a repair on the area that needs it.

Typically this is on the lower rails where water is most prone to being trapped.

Wood repair is completely avoidable if a window is painted on a regular schedule and completely alleviated when a storm window is equipped to protect the prime sash from the elements.

Sash Cord Replacement

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