YWCA building in Bellingham

commercial window restoration

In late 2020 we started our first commercial window restoration project. The project took three people 10 months to restore 84 windows. We restored the 2nd, 3rd and 4 floors of the building. The YWCA was built in 1915 and has been a women’s shelter since it’s inception. We restored only the windows in the bedrooms and hope to do the first floor windows in the future. The project was a success and we have set the windows up to be serviced appropriately in the future. When it comes time for the windows to be painted again no one will need boom lifts or ladders as the windows are originally designed to be easy removed from the inside of the building, painted, and then hung back up.

If you have a commercial project. Please call or email us to speak about your project!

This is the same window. Before and After. Note the small piece of wood replaced in the middle.

commercial window restoration
commercial window restoration bellingham