Lead paint is a serious health hazard. It is important that your contractor follow proper precautions when working on houses built before 1978. For more information about lead visit this page on Lead Safety.

Wood windows are a time tested product with a very long service life when take care of properly. Wood windows are typically painted shut or caulked to reduce air infiltration. This is remedied through a high quality weather stripping known as “Interlocking” weatherstripping.

  • Free top and bottom Sash
  • New cord installed to counter balances
  • Paint removed from friction surfaces
  • Grooves cut in sashes to accept weather stripping
  • Create Rabbet at meeting Rails
  • Install “T” flanged (Ribbed strips) Weather stripping.
    • @ Head and Sill *Figure A & D
    • @ Channels          *Figure C
  • Install Interlocking (J-Hooks)
    • @ Meeting Rails *Figure B
  • Epoxy Repair
  • Glass repair
  • Glazing

These are most issues that need addressing on windows. Restoration does not include paint. I recommend finding a painter that knows how to properly paint these windows. Or visit my page on how to paint double-hung windows.

Interlocking Weather stripping cross sections

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Figure D